I first decided to see Dr. Schubert for relationship counseling and found her very warm and engaging, unlike the more stoic therapist I saw previously. This really suited my own personality and I felt more willing to be open with her. Even though I wasn't planning on discussing occupational goals, Dr. Schubert sensed that I was unhappy with my current job and encouraged me to reconsider finding a new type of work more in line with my interests. I am now in the process of applying for, coincidentally enough, mental health counseling programs. The excitement I feel looking forward to grad school and the persistence I've been putting in towards this goal has actually raised my confidence in my dating life. So without Dr. Schubert's guidance, I very well could have gone on feeling lackluster everyday at work while bringing those self-confidence issues into my relationships. I can confidently attest that she will help you dig deeper into the "why" behind your present problems, and with a friendly demeanor, to boot!